I have been an avid gamer my whole life. In 1998 I started creating maps for the game Half Life. I released one single player episode called “Crash” for the original game. Then I went on to map in the modding community where I released one map for the Firearms Half Life modification. Here are some screenshots and info from those two projects.


Type: Half Life single player episode
Status: Released 9 February 2000
Size: 2.08 mb
Prefabs by – Brian J. Audette, Carlos Salgado and Alex Kemmler.

There are several secret entrances to the Black Mesa Facility. You are a complete stranger to this as you wander around trying to find help after a car accident. This is at the same time as Gordon Freeman tries to escape from the complex. Unfortunately you run up against some marines sent to guard one of these entrances.

It seems that the only way to get out of this terrible mess is to fight the grunts…..

See playthrough video here:


Type: Firearmsmod push map
Status: First version released 28 March 2001
Size: 2.08 mb
Custom textures by Belial
Optimizations and Sound By Chainsaw
Map story by Anla Shock

On a small island in the pacific ocean:
In an attempt to turn the tide of the war, Red force commanders
have opted to cut Blue ammo supplies with a decisive strike
against one of the largest underground munitions depots.
Artillery defense thwarted the red attack when the lead
troop-carrying truck was overturned, blocking the path for the
rest of the platoon. Now, the Red force must move in on foot to
continue the assault.

Red Force: Despite losing the trucks, keep pushing the attack on foot. Secure the city and capture the Blue bunker to take
control of the ammo stores. This will cut Blue ammo supplies to
the front. Cutting supplies turn the war in our favor.

Blue force: Hold the bunker at all costs, and scramble troops
to intercept the incoming forces. Secure the crash zone and
repell the attack. The ammo depot is vital to the success
of the blue campaign.

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